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Meet Sandra Wallace

Hi there! 

Come on in! Make yourself at home. Grab a glass of iced tea (sweetened with Stevia & some YL Lemon Vitality Oil, of course) & sit down & relax a while.

Just in case you don't know me by now, I'm Sandra Wallace. I am first a follower of Jesus, a wife to Brian, a mother to 6 (SIX) children! Five girls & 1 boy. I'm also a grandma (GIGI) to three grands! Two granddaughters & one grandson. So, a big family is part of what got me interested in the natural side of health. I wanted to teach my children how to stay healthy now & in the future! 

I began by getting a diploma of Homeopathy as my first step in my journey. Then I fell in love with essential oils because they helped me get over a case of Shingles so fast that I was absolutely amazed! 

After I'd gone through menopause, I had gained weight, was blessed with brain fog (more like pillow-stuffing instead of fog) and NO ENERGY. The menopause belly was STUCK LIKE GLUE! Therefore, I didn't even feel like participating in life!  I tried so many variations of oils & supplements & nothing worked on that belly! UNTIL THIS! I learned to supplement with a juice puree that worked to allow the body to FLUSH the INFLAMMATION that was causing all my symptoms! Now, the brain fog has lifted, I have energy like I never thought I'd have again AND I've flushed 18lbs of inflammation! I feel alive again! 

Now, let's get started helping you with your inflammation! 

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