Is this massage?

It’s a different method that uses “massage-like” movements to apply a specific series of essential oils to the feet & spine.  This is a non-invasive technique for assisting the body to synergistically cleanse the receptor sites of the nerves & cells. Once the receptor sites are cleansed & reprogrammed then the body doesn’t have to spend as much energy trying to communicate within itself which is tiring to the body.

What are the benefits of RT?

The common benefits reported by receivers (people who get the Raindrop session) are relaxation, more energy, freer movement, stress relief, emotional balancing & generally a lighter feeling! I hear the word, “heavenly” a lot.

How long will I feel results from having RT?

Many recipients feel the benefits of the oils for several days afterwards, as they recognize that the pain has decreased. There is no fever, they have more mobility & they have an overall feeling of peace & a renewed zest for life.

How long is a session?

The technique takes approximately 60 minutes from beginning of applying drops to the feet (if one is in agreement to working on the feet) until finishing up with a hot towel application on the spine allowing the effects of the oils to penetrate in~ all while having a few minutes to just absorb the aroma & relax.

What essential oils are used?

The foundational oils used in RT are as follows:

Oregano: awakens receptors & helps digest toxic substances on the receptor sites
Thyme: digest waste & toxic substances on the receptor sites
Basil: Releases muscle tension
Wintergreen: reduces uncomfortable stiffness
Marjoram: strengthens muscles
Cypress: improves circulation & is pituitary gland support
Peppermint: promotes GREATER oil penetration into the tissues
Valor blend: structural balancing & alignment
Aroma Siez: muscle relaxation & comforting to the stiff muscle areas

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