In person or online video sessions. 

Now offering, sessions called Aroma Freedom Technique. It's a process used to help a person who feels stuck in their emotions/memories. The goal is to get out of the cycle of being stuck in a bad memory of any experience that you'd like to stop consuming your mind - or maybe even feeling a punch in the gut everytime we think of "it". 

It is an emotional coaching session that will involve my asking questions.  You can answer in detail or just acknowledge that you're thinking about the situation (this protects anything that you don't want to reveal to anyone) OR you can speak in detail. 

You then breathe a particular recipe of essential oils that take the stress off the brain/heart where the memory is trapped. An aroma is the only thing that the limbic system of the brain can process- therefore we use aroma to "unstick" it. This allows the brain to get a different perspective & that you're not in "fight or flight" mode all the time. It can't distinguish if you're actively going through that same experience presently. So, we just let the body know that everything is going to be OK. ❤
This is a service that is really NEAR & DEAR to my heart. That's why I became certified in this technique. There's so much relief/change/perspective change is usually noticed in just the first session. AKA the name Aroma FREEDOM.

What our clients are saying...

"Sandra is so good with this Technique. She helped me get to the root of some emotional issues I was having that were causing me physical pain! Once I dealt with the mental stuff, the physical stuff went away!"

"The Aroma Freedom has been very helpful to me. I was really surprised what things that were packed deep inside that needed to be taken care of. Thanks Sandra for introducing Aroma Freedom to me. My health has improved. I can use this anytime I need to and it works."

Aroma Reset Sessions
Business Groups and Family Sessions

Aroma Reset Sessions are available for business groups or even family sessions. This version is designed to "reset your brain" to clarity & peace after being in an enviroment that was overwhelming, frustrating or confusing. This is done without you revealing any personal experiences out loud.

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